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SHIELD REFILL for doctor face shield V1

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SHIELD REFILL for doctor face shield V1

Full kit is in the this page:

Comfortable doctor face shield V1


Comfortable doctor face shield v1 to protect your face from splash and splatter.

Super comfortable, lightweight and reliable.

Provides plenty of room for your magnification loupes, glasses, lights and masks.

The headgear is completely adjustable to fit all sizes. Easily rotate the ratchet on the back of the headgear to get the perfect fit to your head.

The neoprene padding is comfortable and sits 360 degrees all around the headgear. Making the Doctor Face Shield easy to wear for many long hours and lightweight. Hence the name Comfortable Doctor Face Shield.

The head gear has dedicate holders for your masks ear loop bands and your surgical mask brace! This eliminates having sore ears at the end of your day. The ear loop holders tightens the masks and the brace to ensure a good seal around your face.

The plastic shield can be flipped up and down.

The clear plastic shield of Doctor Face Shield is strong polycarbonate plastic which lasts many months before needing to be changed.

The clear plastic shield can easily be detached from the head gear to be replaced as needed. It can also be removed to place on an upgraded or a specific use shield. Coming soon Doctor Face Shield V2 to support your lights!

Many organizations recommend using face shields as protection, such as the CDC. Furthermore, these shields will protect the wearer as per the CDC guideline.

They are made out of thick 1 mm plastic shield. Also buy replacement shields here.

Made in Canada and USA.

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 3 cm
Shield headband color

Black headband color, Grey headband color

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